Spinning equipment

The decades of expertise and experience of the engineers at BFS and the continuous development of BFS CASAGRANDE spun concrete technologies also find ideal use in the manufacturing of these products.

Such BFS production machinery allows the manufacturing of premium quality products in top quality concrete.

Uses Poles for:

  • Tansition lines power cables
  • park lighting
  • decorative lamp posts for street lighting

Piles for:

  • piled foundations
  • bank stabilisation

Columns for:

  • buildings
  • symmetrical cross-section decorative columns

This specially developed method allows to produce reinforced or pre-stressed concrete poles and piles fully compliant with local regulations. The wide range of equipment offered by BFS fulfils all requirements regarding production cycles; from concrete formulation and mixing to spinning, drying, demoulding, manufacture of reinforcement cages, pre-stressing and testing. The use of bi-conical moulds enables significantly increased productivity as two products can be spun in each cycle. The degree of automation can be adapted to the customer's needs in terms of productivity and flexibility.

Key properties

Production parameters:

  • external diameters of 300 to 800 mm
  • element lengths between 6 and 50 metres
  • bi-conical moulds for two or more elements per cycle
  • computer-controlled spinning process
  • fast opening and closing procedure
  • Specially designed equipment for dry concrete: water-cement ratio 0.3
  • Shapes of conically tapered piles: round, square, hexagonal, octagonal, fluted and flattened cross-sections, also as decorative piles when all cross-sections are symmetrical.

Vibratory systems

Columns, poles and piles can also be produced by vibration methods to meet specific demands. Steel reinforced or pre-stressed, BFS can supply optimal production systems adapted to meet customer's precise needs.