Automated production system for raiser rings compliant with DIN 4.034, Parts 1 and 2, and for special products. Flexible production in single or dual versions for manufacturing with or without base pallets.

  • raiser rings with a height of 30 to 200 mm and external diameters of up to 1100 mm
  • concrete adjustment rings for gullies and manholes from DN 300 to 600 mm; max. height 500 mm
  • concrete covers and catch basins
  • fully automated, modular, above floor production system
  • extremely short cycles
  • low operating effort
  • frequency controlled central vibrator
  • short changeover times guarantee optimum machine utilisation.
  • product height change without significant production interruption
  • special grab for removal of the finished rings.

Optional: Lifting system for base pallets, product conveying-off bearing systems, packing station.