Systems for pre-stressed spun concrete pipes and water transport flumes

Pre-stressing wires are inserted into the moulds in the main production line. The mould is filled up with concrete using the feeding unit and then transferred to the BFS spinning machine. Concrete compaction is performed with extreme efficiency by the centrifugal forces of the spinning process in combination with the special BFS vibration system.

After curing in a steam chamber, the pipe is further pre-stressed in the specially designed radial pre-stressing machine and covered with concrete slurry against corrosion.

Thanks to BFS precision technology a groove for confined O ring can be produced without additional grinding of the joint surface.

A quality advantage that makes us incomparable.

The top quality result is a high-pressure pipe in extremely resilient concrete that can withstand operating pressures of up to 20 bar.

For earthquake-prone regions, the pipes can be equipped with earthquake-resistant joints that ensure that the pipeline maintains its integrity after seismic activity. Thanks to outstanding joint deflection between two pipe ends, a pipeline can be constructed to take large radius curves without any need for special elements. This method allows the production of pipes with DN 350 to 3120 mm and lengths of 6 or 7 metres and drainage flumes from DN 350 to 2000 mm with a length of 5 to 7 metres.