The BFS SOUVERAEN is a fully automated concrete pipe machine for high-output production in first-class product quality.

Its counter-rotating, roller-head, compaction tools compact the concrete and are controlled by an advanced, high-tech control system.

  • Production of concrete pipes compliant with all international standards:
    • concrete pipes
    • steel-reinforced concrete pipes
    • prebed pipes
    • jacking pipes
    • steel-cylinder-core pipes (PCCP) up to 6 m in length
  • nominal diameters from DN 225 mm to DN 1600 mm
  • lengths up to 3500 mm
  • short changeover times guarantee optimum machine utilisation.
  • no cage twist
  • program-controlled compaction.
  • integrated process control system.
  • shallow machine pit.
  • additional options: automated crane, moving floor system, pipe testing and base pallet handling.